As a self-employed personal trainer, you’ll probably need a fully functional gym with the most convenient location and a team to take care of all your clients and your business. We fully understand that, and that’s why BIGFitness has all that and more covered. Looking to expand your business? BIGFitness is definitely the place for you to be.

BIGFitness is unlike any other fitness centre. As the subsidiary of Entrepreneur's Resource Centre (ERC Holdings), we know what freelancing personal trainers like you will need; from backend administrative support to a marketing platform for you to maintain and grow your business at the same time. We’ll make everything easy for you so that you can focus on giving your clients the best personal training at BIGFitness.

Step 1. Start by creating a profile for yourself.

Step 2. Purchase the sessions that you would like to go with us.

Step 3. Start your business by training your customers at BIGFitness

We’ve got your back.

Package Summary

No of Sessions Rate Total Payable Incentives CPF Submission
100 $9.00 $900.00 Complimentary locker and file shelf for Personal Trainer Free
70 $11.00 $770.00 Complimentary locker and file shelf for Personal Trainer Free
45 $13.00 $585.00 Complimentary file shelf No
25 $17.00 $425.00 None No
10 $25.00 $25.00 None No