Corporate Gym Membership Pass and Discounts

Tailored for companies of various sizes, BIGFitness in conjunction with BIGWork offers gym and co-working spaces at discounted rates. The BIGWork co-working spaces are located in the same building as BIGFitness, offering unparalleled convenience for modern companies.

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Corporate Packages (Monthly)

  • BIGFitness Corporate Pass Package
  • BIGWorks Singapore Corporate Pass Package
  • BIGFitness & BIGWorks Corporate Pass Package (20% Discount)
  • Special rates for events, meeting / conference room rental
  • Special rates for BIGFitness span
  • Logo acknowledgement on BIGFitness / BIGWorks website
  • $200 for
    1 x BIGFitness Pass
  • $500 for
    1 x BIGWorks Pass
  • $560 for
    1 x BIGFitness Pass & 1 x BIGWorks Pass
  • 10% off
  • 10% off
  • $900 for
    5 x BIGFitness Passes
  • $2250 for
    5 x BIGWorks Passes
  • $2520 for
    5 x BIGFitness Passes & 5 x BIGWorks Passes
  • 20% off
  • 10% off
  • $1600 for
    10 x BIGFitness Passes
  • $4000 for
    10 x BIGWorks Passes
  • $4480 for
    10 x BIGFitness Passes & 10 x BIGWorks Passes
  • 20% off
  • 10% off

for companies signed up for 12 months period or above

  • Subject to prevailing GST (Good Service Tax) rate
  • BIGWork passes are valid for BIGWork Singapore only
  • All monthly passes can be used by multiple users. Each pass is only eligible for one admission at a time.
  • ERC Holdings reserves the right to change these terms & conditions at any time without prior notice

BIGFitness Workplace Health and Fitness Programmes

BIGFitness believes in bringing convenience to you. Besides being located in the centre of town, BIGFitness works with companies to promote Workplace Health and Fitness Programmes within the company itself. Our team of expert trainers mould fitness programmes according to the needs of your company.

Working closely together with your HR department or recreation team on planning the various activities that are of interest within your organisation, we strive to have a well-rounded health and fitness regime that would meet the requirements of your organization’s goals.

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